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How can digital marketing help smaller companies compete with larger ones?

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Digital Marketing can a lower businesses marketing costs comparatively to traditional methods like radio, television or print media and create an increased return on investment. 

A targeted digital marketing campaign using up to date data is predictably able to reach your ideal customer locally and globally. Google is now using machine learning to help it know who to deliver ads to demographically and based on user data. 

While smaller companies may not have the brand trust or recognition of larger companies they can still compete with bigger corporations in the digital space effectively. 

Smaller businesses can enhance their relevancy and domain authority with appropriate and targeted content on their websites and social media platforms. These factors are relevant to how Google ranks content in search. 

By creating content that creates a great experience for your users and answers their questions around your niche you are building the likelihood of Google considering your site the place to go to gain information on a topic or product. 

This is the active side of Search Engine Optimisation, the good stuff! You get to talk about your niche online and in turn rank your business higher on Google.  

Incidentally Google ranks PPC advertising on relevance too so suddenly your smaller company is competing directly with the big guns and targeting relevant and interested people.

While the larger corporations may have bigger budgets for ads they don't have any paid advantage in relevancy for Pay Per Click advertising, unless they are integrating a really top notch content marketing strategy too? 

By staying in touch with the needs of your customers and the relevant search terms around your marketing goals you can compete with larger companies via ongoing search engine optimisation and qualifying your audience with Pay Per Click strategies. 

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